New Partners, New Attorneys and the Same Refreshing Approach

Midwest law firm grows their team to build on servant-minded culture.

Omaha, NE — May 20, 2020 — Patrick Sodoro, founder of the Midwest law firm Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan, is growing his team. In a relentless pursuit to cultivate a new culture within the legal circle, Patrick welcomed two new partners in late 2019: Robert A. Mooney and Daniel P. Lenaghan.

Patrick comments on the decision, “Daniel and Robert not only have an outstanding reputation in their respective law practice but they also perfectly represent the vision we stand for at our firm, and that’s truly being different.”

A common thread throughout the entire Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan office is, “No one cares as much as we do.”

“It’s not just something we say,” Patrick states. “We genuinely care about our clients and demonstrate that in every way possible through our actions. When you need something done within a month, we’ll try to do it in a week. When you send us an email, you will hear back in less than 24 hours. If we’re going to do something, it’s because it needs to be done, not because we want to bill you for it. We leave our ego at the door. It’s not a revolutionary way of doing business — it’s just the right way.

And it’s been a joy to see that effort appreciated by our clients in the overwhelmingly gracious feedback we’ve received from them.”

Though Sodoro + Mooney + Lenaghan is a full-service law firm, they continue to build a reputation as one of the most dependable and easy-to-work-with firms in the Workers’ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, General Liability and Insurance Defense arenas.

To build on their strength in these areas, Sodoro also welcomed seasoned associates that have already made an undeniable impact. A few of those being Thomas Gross, Tami Fleek, Matt Chouinard, Christine Westberg Dorn and Steve Golej.

“These are individuals that clients absolutely love working with. They know how to achieve efficient resolutions and succeed in court, but more importantly, they go above and beyond to take care of people,” says Patrick.