Workers’ Compensation


Employees can easily bring claims against their employers in the Midwest. And while an employer’s operations can open them to exposures, we have developed defense strategies to combat these claims and mitigate exposure.

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Employees are safe with us

Experts in Workers’ Compensation

We have dedicated the majority of our law practice to the workers’ compensation arena, which is why employers rely on us for successful representation. Our thorough approach has assisted in the development of strong partnerships with insurance carriers, self-insured clients and third-party administrators in the defense of hundreds of workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits.

Proven Success

Our victories at Trial and in the Appellate Courts provide a track record that you can rely on. Our firm has built a winning reputation, and we will take all measures to ensure that our victorious culture continues.

A Collaborative Approach

We believe achieving regular victories in workers’ compensation cases requires more than a single attorney. Our firm takes a collaborative team approach while deploying our aggressive defense. This includes regular case roundtables, weekly workers’ compensation meetings and constant communication with our clients.

Employers are often unprotected and vulnerable when claims are brought against them.

You don’t have to be. We are always available to discuss specific cases or provide legal opinions on workers’ compensation throughout our Midwestern jurisdictions.

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Resources For You

Whether you have been handling workers’ compensation claims for years, or you are new to this nuanced niche, we have resources available that you can easily reference at any time to guide you along the way.

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